1525mm long Cage Turntable Trailer

£631.06 +VAT

The 1525mm long Cage Turntable Trailer available from Total Trolleys is supplied with Fixed mesh ends and detachable mesh sides. Front turntable steering with T bar handle. All welded RSA construction throughout. Polyurethane coated flush ply deck with blue epoxy finish. Available with either Small Solid, or Large Solid/Pneumatic tyres.

Platform Length - 1525mm
Platform Width - 760mm
Platform Height - 425mm (500mm with 400mm dia tyres)
Panel Heights above deck - 760mm
Mesh Size - 50mm
Capacity - 600kg (800-1000kg with optional tyres)
Wheels - 250mm Diameter (400mm with larger tyres)
Weight - 122kg (118-144 with 400mm tyres)

18 day delivery

  • Model: TT0496