2000kg Ackerman Steering Trailer

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The 2000kg Ackerman Steering Heavy Duty Towing Trailer available from Total Trolleys has Double Ackerman Steering. Front and rear steering allow for accurate tracking in train. These trailers have been designed primarily for in-plant operation. With fully welded steel chassis, and flat bed flush plywood decks (sanded and coated). With 35mm tow eye - rear hitch and pin. Steel frame finished in blue epoxy.

Dimensions Option One:
Deck Height - 515mm (550mm with Pneumatic tyres)
Deck Length - 2000mm
Deck Width - 1000mm
Solid Wheels - 400x100mm (dia x tread)
Pneumatic Wheels - 500x120 (dia x tread)
Weight - 220kg (205kg with pneumatic wheels)

Dimensions Option Two:
Deck Height - 550mm
Deck Length - 2500mm
Deck Width - 1250mm
Solid Wheels - 400x100mm (dia x tread)
Pneumatic Wheels - 400x110 (dia x tread)
Weight - 250kg (235kg with pneumatic wheels)

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  • Model: TT0543

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